Selected Publications

Perinatal Risks and Disparities

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Maternal and Infant Stress

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Culture and Attachment

Bohr, V., Liu, C.H., Chen, S.H., & Wang, L. (2018). Satellite Babies: Costs and benefits of culturally driven parent-infant separations in North American immigrant families. In M. Guzman, J. Brown, C. Edwards (Eds.), Parenting From Afar. (pp. 304-320) Oxford University Press.


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Youth Risk and Assessment 


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Parent Mental Health

Liu, C.H., Yasui, M., Giallo, R., Tronick, E., & Seidman, L. (2016). U.S. parents with mental health problems: Parenting experiences and children’s functioning. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 30, 753-760. 


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Asian American Families and Children   

Chen, S.H., Wang, M.M., Gleason, T.R., Liu, C.H., & Wang, L. (In press). Perceptions of social status in ethnic minority children: Associations with social cognitions and socioemotional well-being. Asian American Journal of Psychology.

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Working Group Report

American Psychological Association, APA Working Group on Stress and Health Disparities. (2017). Stress and health disparities: Contexts, mechanisms, and interventions among racial/ethnic minority and low socioeconomic status populations. Retrieved from:

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